Palm Sunday and Easter

With Palm Sunday and Easter just around the corner I thought the story I read in passing below about someone who fell into a pit and couldn’t get out – and how others treated that person – makes for an awesome reflection.

A subjective person came along and said, “I feel for you down there.”
An objective person came along and said, “Well it’s logical that someone would fall down there.”
A Pharisee said, “Only bad people fall into pits.”
A mathematician calculated how the individual fell into the pit.
A new reporter wanted an exclusive story on the person in the pit.
A fundamentalist said, “You deserve your pit.”
A Calvinist said, “If you’d been saved, you’d never fallen in the pit.”
An Armenian said, “You were saved and still fell in that pit.”
A charismatic said, “Just confess that you’re not in that pit.”
A realist came along and said, “Now that’s a pit.”
A geologist told him to appreciate the rock strata in the pit.
An IRS worker asked if he was paying taxes on this pit.
The county inspector asked if he had a permit to dig the pit.
A self-pitying person said, “You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen my pit.”
An optimist said, “Things could be worse.”
A pessimist said, “Things will get worse.”
Jesus, seeing the man, reached down and took him by the hand and lifted him out of the pit.
Let’s keep in mind that God loves everybody.  Treat people the way Jesus would treat them.  Do that and others will always feel encouraged.


My Muses

I find that I work better and think more creatively when surrounded by objects on my desk which inspire me.  I like the minimalist desk because clutter is a distraction.  As a result, I place a few items which serve as my muses.  Whenever I have a mental or writer block these pieces help me to push pass the wall to the next level.


Examples of my current muses:

  • Miniature books with awesome titles – “Follow Your Dreams”, “You’re the BEST!”, and “Shoot for the Moon”
  • Ivory and brown marble sculpture of a person reading the Bible – it’s one of my favorite books about wisdom and wholesome living
  • Red, spherical and heavy paper weight – the interior contains bubbles suspended in space
  • 45-minute sand timer – it helps me to focus and ignite my imagination


Hope my experience sparks ideas that help you to pick the muses which will inspire you to your creative best.

Do you have the perseverance to go the distance?  If not, let the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, inspires you to keep going.  Read the list below to see for yourself what perseverance did for one of our most popular U.S. Presidents.


  • 1832  Lost his job.
  • 1832  Defeated for the Legislature of Illinois.
  • 1833  Failed business.
  • 1836  Suffered nervous breakdown.
  • 1838  Defeated for Speaker of the House.
  • 1843  Defeated for nomination for Congress.
  • 1849  Rejected for appointment to U.S. Land Office. 
  • 1854  Defeated for U.S. Senate seat.
  • 1856  Defeated for nomination for Vice President.
  • 1858  Defeated for U.S. Senate Seat.
  • 1860  Elected President of the United States.

My God

Who is God to you?  The question is an easy and hard one to answer at the same time.  For me, God is one of the beloved members of my Inner Circle.  I appreciate and depend on his huge heart, impeccable taste (he created this magnificent universe with amazing people, plants, and animals), perfect timing, colossal sense of humor, and ageless wisdom. 


Thank you for your abundant love, mercy, blessings, and guidance!  I love you, God!



Live Your Dreams

Many people do not live their dreams because of three main reasons.  People often cite lack of time and money while the number one reason is fear.  What if for 2009 you decide to be bold and really go after your dreams?  Here are two strategies you can apply to take your dreams from fantasy to reality. 


Use the W.O.W. and W.I.N. methods.  Whatever your dreams may be ask yourself this question:  what is my WOW?  Which means what is the first action you can take within one week to kickstart your dreams?  Then take the next action and continue to the following action after that.


During your journey ask yourself this question daily:  what is my WIN?  In other words, what’s important now?  This will help you to focus on the activities which will move you forward to reaching your dreams.

Happy Vietnamese and Chinese New Year!!  For 2009 this new year’s celebration begins on Monday, January 26. 


The Vietnamese and Chinese traditions use twelve different animals to represent each year of the twelve-year-cycle.  The animal order remains the same with the year of the Rat at the beginning and the year of the Pig ending the cycle.  2008 was the Year of the Rat.  2009 is the Year of the Ox.


For people born in the Year of the Ox, the following are positive traits and characters influenced and inspired by this animal.


  • Leadership qualities
  • Loyal
  • Dependable
  • Great organizers
  • Patient
  • Honesty
  • Strong work ethics
  • Creative
  • Loyal
  • Eye for detail
  • Responsible


In the Vietnamese and Chinese cultures, this is the time to gather with family members and friends, honor the ancestors and celebrate with a big banquet of tasty foods that symbolize prosperity in the New Year.


Add depth, meaning, and beauty to your world.  Embrace the opportunity to meet fascinating people, explore intriguing places, and champion worthy causes.  Venture beyond your comforting zip code.


The experiences you collected from these pursuits become priceless treasures that form the beautiful the tapestry of your life.  They are also great resources when you need solace and support.  Be adventurous.